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Reclaiming Your Inner Child

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The Art of David Zinn, Street Artist

Who among us didn't start out with crayons and chalk as a child. Boy, I did. As a matter of fact, all you had to do was give me paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, tape and leave me alone ... for hours. Actually, I'm still like that today. I just don't take enough time to create and when I do, it's more adult things other than something that just makes me smile. I have got to change that!

I spent a year collecting all the pieces for The Lodge at Flatrock Mill, the B&B guest house above my garage The theme is an old fish camp and it's filled with fishing and wildlife memorabilia. We found one inch thick pine boards which we used for the floor, and before I stained them, I decopaged a turtle, a couple of frogs and a lizard at kind of out of the way places, but strategic placed ... like under the door as you enter the bath. It has been a joy to everyone who stayed there! Maybe my inner child isn't buried after all.

David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1987. For more than twenty years, he freelanced for a wide variety of commercial clients while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large. Now, thanks to the temptations of a box of sidewalk chalk on an unusually sunny day, Mr. Zinn is known all over the world for the art he creates under his feet.

David’s temporary street drawings are composed entirely of chalk, charcoal and found objects, and are always improvised on location through a process known as “pareidolic anamorphosis” or “anamorphic pareidolia.” His most frequent characters are Sluggo (a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits) and Philomena (a phlegmatic flying pig), but the diversity of Mr. Zinn’s menagerie seems to be limited only by the size of the sidewalk and the spirit of the day.

Not only does his work make me smile, but his incredible imagination makes my heart soar. Think about walking down a street and coming upon one of his creations. Or just glancing over at a brick wall and seeing a tiny mouse peeping out at you. That's the kind of surprise that slows your heart rate and causes that warm glow to pour all over you.

Another great thing about David Zinn is his willingness to share his gift. You can arrange for him to speak to a group of students or create art at your street festival. Find out more at His work is also available at a variety of sites online.

Just To Make You Smile ...

It's ok to giggle out loud. And when you find you need a laugh, come right back here again!

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l-r: 1. David Zinn's latest book, Underfoot Menagerie; 2. A great pack of chalk just in case you want to try some street art yourself, with your kids, or grandkids? 3.Want to create great chalk signs? Here's how.


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