About Finding Me

When I started my career at a young age, I was privileged to take many motivational classes and seminars. These classes proved to be immensely valuable for me not only in business but also my personal life.

I have been saddened by what is happening to our children in the world today. The pandemic was disastrous for the children. But it was also a blessing since it brought to light Critical Race Theory, Gender Bias and other topics that have been running rampant for years in the government run school system and now even in private schools. 


Most of this started when "everybody is a winner no competition" entered the school system. Everybody is not automatically a winner in real life. You have to compete and unfortunately our children are not being prepared for their Life Journey. They are confused and made to feel inadequate leading to the highest number of suicides among young people ever. In addition, the education they should be receiving is secondary. They don't know anything about history or how our government is run.


In an effort to help the children and also to give back, I wrote Finding Me, hoping this little highly motivational book will inspire our young people to appreciate themselves for who they are and go on to have happy and successful lives.

A Writer, Artist, Designer and Publisher, jan lives in Georgia with her husband, Jeff, and Bella their black lab.  

May we recommend...

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The Tuttle Twins' Book series introduces important ideas that schools don't teach.

They present a vast array of free-market topics in a fun way such as how the Constitution works. These books are a wonderful companion to Finding Me.

For more info: thetuttletwins.com