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About jjd

I was born an artist with a passion for sales. At only 18, I was given the incredible gift of a mentor who put me through every sales and motivation class known to man. That is what has given me the ability to create websites and graphics that actually sell your business.

   After a lucrative career in sales early on, graphic design became my art and I realized that my sales background gave me a leg up on other designers.

   For 20 years, I produced expositions where I was able to create marketing materials that would not just look attractive, but actually SELL the show. Every show was themed and allowed many creative adventures. During this time, I was on the Design/Production staff for the $20 million dollar Coca-Cola Centennial and produced parties up to $250,000. I was a workaholic and good at it.

   I realize more everyday that my background is a true gift, coupled with my intuitive spirit and detailed nature that was an absolute requirement in exposition and event marketing and production. All of this is what enables me to guide my customers to success.

   I meet potential customers every day that have had someone design a website for them that either doesn't sell their business, or they have been left not knowing how to tie it all together ... website, blog, social media, etc., and yes, marketing. That's where I come in ....

   I invite you to call me to discuss how I can move your business forward.

The Lakewood 400 Antiques Market

After the original and very famous Lakewood Antiques Market at the old fairgrounds in Atlanta lost its lease from the city of Atlanta to enable EUE Screen Gems to take over the space, the market moved to Cumming, GA, as the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. It was hard to get the new location going even though it was a smaller scale of the beloved original. I took over the marketing, redesigned the website to make it user friendly, started newsletters with heartfelt articles about the dealers and their products making them "stars" of the show to both other dealers and customers, redesigned the promotional materials and ads for consistency, redrafted the floor plans, and the results were amazing. It was almost like a light bulb had been turned on. Within a year, there was a waiting list for dealer space and the attendance has tripled and growing, drawing from all over the southeast once again. According to USA Today, it is now one of the Top 10 Antique Markets in America.

About 3 Cat Press

We are a young, eager company with

extensive qualifications and experience in:


Graphic Design

Book Content Layout & Design

Writing / Editing


In addition we are associated with knowledgable professional  in the Publishing Industry including Book Printers.

If you are looking for assistance with a much loved project,

why not Contact Us!

jan, the artist

My art career began as a child ... given crayons, pencils, scissors, paper, tape and glue and just left alone, I was in my happy place!

   It also helped to have a very creative mother, Grace, who could do or create just about anything and made sure I had all the tools and materials I needed. I remember two books she had in the 60s, "Junk to Treasure" and "How to Make Something From Nothing". She was always way ahead of her time. She rummaged through trash and sported a love for rust that was passed on to me. She was really special. Unfortunately, she passed away at only 54. I often think about all we could have created together.

   I am looking forward to illustrating my upcoming books.

jan, the woman

I had been divorced since 1980 when in 2016 my soul mate, Jeff, walked into my life with his two dogs (I am a cat person) and everything in my life changed. For the first I time found out what it was like to truly be in love and be loved.  Jeff is the kindest man I have ever known and everyone just loves him. Because of this man, everything seems brighter and we want to slow down and enjoy every precious moment we have left in special ways. And for those of you out there that have not found your one true soul mate yet, there is still time. I was 69. Just believe.

   Add in a garden to tend, a little art to create, and a wonderful man to love ... life is good.



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