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Many of you know me from my shops at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market ... Come Into My Garden and Ironwork Elements. For over 15 years, I filled these shops with everything I loved fr the home and garden including my original art, garden treasures, tiny plants for fairy gardens, and iron for both the home and garden. There were evidently a lot of people who loved the same things that I did because I had a great following. I'm hoping you will all join me on this similar journey, just down a new path.  

  I've done a lot of things in my lifetime. Mainly work. I was a workaholic and good at it. That I knew how to work. But I didn't know how to love.

   I had been divorced since 1980, when in 2016, into my life walked my soul mate, Jeff, along with his two dogs (I am a cat person) and everything in my life changed. For the first I time found out what it was like to truly be in love and be loved. From that moment on, I no longer wanted to work all the time. Jeff is the kindest man I have ever known and everyone just loves him. Because of this man, everything seems brighter and we want to slow down and enjoy every precious moment we have left in special ways. And for those of you out there that have not found your one true soul mate yet, there is still time. I was 69. Just believe.

   After we closed the shops, I went back to designing websites which I totally love ... it's like creating a new work of art with each new site. I always said my last career would be writing. It's time to finish or publish all those books I have written, and I think Designs for Graceful Living may be the one thing I have always dreamed of ... my own magazine. Add in a garden to tend, a little art to create, and a wonderful man to love ... life is good.



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Papa's Chair

Thank you for sharing your words about suicide. Your words are powerful and brought tears to my eyes. I have a beloved Aunt who took her life just a few years ago. I wish she hadn't. What she left behind were many notes that told us about the many times she had thought about it but something happened and then she wouldn't do it that day. She planned everything out. I wish she knew how much her death would rock us and how much we miss her.

Thank you for opening up your heart and soul. Thank you!

Tracey Kennedy ~ November 2019 issue


Thank you, Jan Jones, for inviting me to write a featured article on Laughter in your magnificent online magazine! 

I love evoking light-hearted emotions along with the freedom of joyful expression in others and that is why I feel such delight when engaging others in my Laughter: Medicine for the Soul workshops!  Even the shyest of participants open to the magic of group laughter!  I invite you to experience this for yourself , so come “laugh with JOY!’

Joy Goodman, Author Laughter: Medicine For The Soul ... July, 2019 

I loved your store at Lakewood, and I always enjoyed talking with you whenever I was there. It's nice to have a way to stay in touch. The first issue is lovely, and I wish you the very best in this new endeavor.

Susan ... May 1, 2019 issue

Love everything, Jan! I especially loved Porches! Keep up the great work!

Martha ... May 1, 2019 issue

(Shared on Facebook) Please check out our cousin's new online magazine. It will inspire you, make you smile, challenge you, relax you, ... Thanks, Jan, nice work!

Maybe you will share a photo of your grandfather's chair.

Jane ~ May 2019 issue

~ Thank you, Jane.

~ Here is Papa's Chair.

~ jan

Read your article on suicide. While we have had to deal with several other mental maladies like addiction, we have not had to confront suicide recently. I'm sorry you have so much experience with it.

   Success and failure are part of everyone's life, and I do think that people handle failure and loss of hope differently. I watched my father go broke thrice, and yet the five children felt no effect. I too have been broke twice, and after witnessing my father work his way out of it, i.e. I had good modeling.

   Like your poem. I do think suicide can be selfish and it leaves an incredible ripple effect on the surviving family.

   Thank you for sharing.

Henry Hine, ~ Nov, 2019 issue


Note to Joy Goodman, Author of Laughter, Medicine for the Soul


You are so multi-talented!  Thanks for sharing this fun, light-hearted magazine and your wonderful article on Laughter!  I am enjoying this so much.  I also loved the article on Fairies…I am a big believer in Fairies!

Sara ... July 2019 issue

I have been on vacation on the North Carolina coast all week now, and I just wanted to tell you that your magazine has been a great pleasure for me on this trip. It has carried me away to years gone by and made me dream of the future. I'm looking forward to getting home to plan something new in my garden! Thank you!

Susan McLendon ... May 15, 2019 issue

I'm looking at with delight Sam Toft art work you have displayed in a joyous fashion. I really like looking at her artwork and the dogs make the day as they look on with comfortable relaxed emotion. The colors have you thinking and realizing you are outside witnessing a warm friendly scene. The shape of the circle people figures with their own facial emotions as they move about has you wondering about quiet time. I do enjoy your style. I'm a fan of your work.

Eugene ... May 1, 2019 issue

Editor's note: Sam Toft is undergoing chemo right now and is handling it with humor and love. You can send her well on Facebook at Sam Toft.


What a wonderful article regarding suicide. You've done it again. What talents you have. Didn't know what a great writer you are. The tears came on this one. If you get to just one person!!!!! 

Debbie ~ November 2019 issue


Thanks for sharing this. I will also share it.

Julaine ~ November, 2019 issue


It's just lucious!

Dee Capeletti ... September 2019

A big congratulations to you, Jan, on your wonderful new website! (magazine)

Joy ... May 1, 2019 issue

Sign me up! This looks very interesting.

Lynne ... May 1, 2019 issue

Reading on train and getting motivated to do something fun when we get home. Shared with my friends ... happy for you and Jeff!

Jan ... May 1, 2019 issue

We have a path leading to our back yard that we have been working on, and you have motivated me to finish it. Also, got more ideas for our back porch.

Jane ... May 1, 2019 issue

~ Thank you, Jane

~ This is a great path.

~ How about adding some-

~ thing new every so often

~ for your grandchildren

~ to discover!

~ jan