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Finding Me: A Motivational Journey of Discovery for Young People

by jan jones

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Loaded with Highly Inspirational Quotes

80 Fully Packed Pages

Artistically Designed ... Colorful

Large Type ... Easy to Read

Designed to Motivate Readers & Instill in Them

The Joy of Life We All Deserve

A baby comes into this world.

   There are only two instincts that come with the baby. One is a fear of falling. The other is a fear of loud noises. Everything else is taught.

   The parents wait impatiently for the first smile. Why? Because they want to see their child happy.

   As a child you have no idea where you are or why you exist. Your parents teach you starting with the little bulge on your face, and you learn it is your nose. You are born into a single or two parent home, either way one or both parents are probably working. So you learn by observing, from child care, from school or other relatives.

   But today what you are being taught has tragically come into question.

"Finding Me" starts at the beginning ... "Here You Are" one of 7.9 billion people on planet earth. You are all born equal and in the same way. You have a body, a head, two arms and two legs, just like everyone else. Two things make you unique. Your DNA provides your coloring, the least important thing in determining your happiness and success. 

The other thing, your Character, is what you are on the inside, and that is the sickle most important thing in your life.

   Why do some people succeed and others born into the same circumstances do not? Why are some of them black and some white? "Finding Me" has the answers.

   Why are you here ... to grow spiritually and give back to your planet and community.

   How do you find what your life's work will be ... it was in your DNA when you were born. How can you get a running start after you discover your passion? The main thing ... by first educating yourself.

"Finding Me" provides all the motivational and productive skills needed to inspire anyone to grow and excel in life, starting with "Attitude is Everything."

   And finally ... Things to Do Not Worry About, to Care Deeply About and to Be More Aware Of.

   This book will inspire Young People of all ages. It is recommended that Parents, Grandparents, Guardians and some teachers read this book first and then together with a child. This book puts everything in perspective and encourages young people to want to strive for a happy and successful life all while encouraging them to trust their judgement and use their instincts.

Finding Me, the book
Finding Me, the book
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Endorsed by Billy Gambrell

Former Wide Receiver with the NFL.

Played for the St Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Lions.

Member of the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame and the Athens Athletic Hall of Fame.

"Not only would every young athlete and their coaches benefit from the guidance this book has to offer, the world would also read the rewards. I highly recommend Finding Me: A Motivational Journey of Discovery for Young People to everyone."

Billy Gambrell

This guide is for every young person today who is struggling to find their way in a very confusing world. Suitable as early as seven all the way through college and adult.

And an absolutely must have for

Parents, Grandparents and Guardians

who are trying to help our precious children find their footing.

Although this guide is first and foremost a motivational tool, it tackles topics such as

Critical Race Theory

White Supremacy

Gender Bias

Global Warming and more.

At the time when childhood suicides are at the highest level ever, this book is a must.


About the Author

jan jones

When I started my career at a young age, I was privileged to take many motivational classes and seminars. These classes proved to be immensely valuable for me not only in business but also in my personal life.

   I have been saddened by what is happening to our children in the world today. The pandemic was disastrous for the children. But it was also a blessing since it brought to light Critical Race Theory, Gender Bias and other topics that have been running rampant for years in the government run school system and now even in private schools. 

   Most of this started when "everybody is a winner no competition" entered the school system. Everybody is not automatically a winner in real life. You have to compete and unfortunately our children are not being prepared for their Life Journey. They are confused and made to feel inadequate leading to the highest number of suicides among young people ever. In addition, the education they should be receiving is secondary. They don't know anything about history or how our government is run.

   In an effort to help the children and also to give back, I wrote Finding Me, hoping this little highly motivational book will inspire our young people to appreciate themselves for who they are and go on to have happy and successful lives.

   A Writer, Artist, Designer and Publisher, jan lives in Georgia with her husband, Jeff, and Rogan the Poodle and sweet kitties Otto and Manfred. 

Finding Me, the book
Finding Me, the book
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