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Safe Havens

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Creating your own personal sanctuary at home ...

It is easy to become overwhelmed in the crazy world where we live today. You don’t know what to believe if you dare listen to the news. Family traditions are being drowned out by cancel culture, but you don't understand what was wrong with the world in the first place. Sometimes, you just want to run away. Someone famous once said, "The outside world doesn't have much to offer. You have to make your own paradise at home." That's why we work so hard to make our homes our sanctuary, a peaceful place where we can simply be ourselves and heal. But you may need to take it one step farther. You need to create a special place in your home that is just for you ... not your family ... just you. A place where you can find peace, relive the wonderful moments of your life, plan for the future, and ... make the outside world go away.

Everyone needs a place of their own that is calming and inviting. It may be just a corner, or an entire room. It may be a secluded spot in your garden or a she shed in your backyard. Maybe the attic or a basement retreat is calling. Wherever you choose to be your little corner of the world, make it totally your own, a place to unwind and relax.

How do you create your safe haven? First, you need to do a little soul searching. Ask yourself what puts you most at ease. What do you truly enjoy doing? Are you an artist? Do you read to escape? Do you keep a journal and love to write? Do you use Yoga or meditation to calm your soul? Is the garden your refuge? Create your private world around what soothes your soul and brings you the most joy and peace. You may want a quite place to just sit and stare out in space while listening to beautiful music. Close to a window is always soothing, especially if a bird feeder is nearby. Nature provides some of our most calming atmospheres. Once you see yourself in a particular area, you can choose the location of your own, personal safe haven.

Next, fill your sanctuary with all of the things you love ... creative art, fragrant flowers, pleasing aromas from essential oil or candles, the colors of your soul, soothing sounds, special lighting, arousing textures. Regardless whether you choose an entire room, or just your nightstand as one lady did, always start with a truly comfortable chair or floor cushion and build from there. Everything you choose for this space should fill your heart with joy. The end result should be your sanctuary where just the sight of this area relaxes your soul. This is your space, your safe haven, your retreat from the outside world. You may find your heart and your family appreciate you more, and you them, when you have this healing space.

Here are a few photos of personal spaces to spark your creativity.

Photos from Pintress

After you create your own safe haven, when the desire to run away and hide overpowers, you will forever have a place that will fill you with peace and let your soul breathe.




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