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Kitchen Trends

Updated: Apr 29

Incorporating vintage into modern kitchens
Incorporating vintage into modern kitchens

Kitchens Trends are blossoming with bold, fresh looks. But in reality, they are taking clues from the past and are running away from the matched cabinets of the recent past. And it is a welcomed change from bland to artistic.

In the beginning, kitchens were created with unique and functional furnishings just put together. But after World War II, when soldiers were coming home to wives and girlfriends and setting up housekeeping, mass produced cabinets became the norm. Over the years, the boxed and custom cabinets provided a cohesive look, but were not very interesting. Now the uniqueness is returning and creativity is thriving again with vintage furnishings leading the way in providing artistic flair. Not only is this happening in the basic layout of the kitchen, but especially kitchen islands. It is also an opportunity to make a statement over and around the stove.

KitchenTrends: Islands

Every kitchen needs and can accommodate an island, even if it is a small one. Massive islands are trending today, but are they really fuctional? Below you will see how beautiful it is to add a vintage piece that can be both functional and attractive without taking up massive amounts of space. You will see buffets, desks, chest of drawers, even bookcases that have been improvised into kitchen islands. Add a marble or other top for accent or oversized top for dining or bar seating. The vintage piece can be in any position to accommodate storage or seating by the size of the top you choose. You may even find a great table that will work ... use it as it, or to make it the right height, add another full shelf below and short legs under. You may also use more than one vintage cabinet to create an island depending on the size you need. There is really no end to the magic you can create. Check out these examples.

Kitchen Trends: Cabinets

Vintage classics are finding their way into the kitchen floor plan as well. Why not add a unique piece or two to create the kitchen of your dreams?I have a decent collection of "leaf" serving pieces and while cleaning and organizing my cabinets (for the first time in 18 years), I told my husband "I need a China Cabinet!" Today you can incorporate a vintage china cabinet right in your kitchen. Leave the top piece as it traditionally sat on the cabinet below, or raise and mount it on the wall to match other kitcher cabinets.

The blue cabinet in the second photo below provides the perfect height for kneading bread and featuring baked goods and baking tools. There are so many ways to add dimension and interest to your kitchen. Check out these examples.

We are learning today to value tradition more than ever. What is happening in kitchens is really exciting, as well as the fact that vintage charmers are being incorporated all over the home. You can get a better quality piece of furniture that was built to last and most often has so much more style.



You Gotta Go ...

... to my Pinterest board, Kitchen Trends! I have pinned hundreds of ideas for you and some with step by step instructions. You'll also fine the photo credits for what's pictured above.


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