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Cozy, Comfy Rooms

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It seems the trend today is for bright, white walls and simple clean decor, and that for me is wonderful in the summer. But it’s Fall, and the trees are turning their beautiful warm colors right before our very eyes. When the world turns its gentle shades of brown, orange and gold, that’s when the very core of my being wants to get cozy, to snuggle up under a warm blanket with a cup of steaming cocoa and, well, hibernate. But how can you get cozy with all those white walls?

Interior Design has flowed through trends like the ocean glides upon the shore and then receded for centuries. We wave through light and dark shades of glorious colors and furniture motifs and often, even in one’s lifetime, old styles become new again. Some of you may light on a style that you feel is perfect for you and stay there forever. Most of us are not that lucky. But are their ways you can have the best of both worlds? I think so.

When Fall draws near, I long for richer, more jeweled tone colors … deeper greens, blues, even purple, the color of royalty. With lighting that is more subdued, you can create the perfect settings for reading, cuddling up and watching an old movie, or snuggling with your love who has four paws and a cool, wet nose.

If your home is bright, you might choose to have one room such as a den or bedroom, styled in more subdued hues where you can escape the chaos of today at any time.

Or you may bring in those jeweled tones to warm your brighter rooms with accents such as throws, pillows, different more ambient lighting, floral designs and art to enrich your environment. You may even use slipcovers on your chairs or sofa to change the vibe.

Whatever you do, make sure you feel comfy and cozy in your home. Here are a few samples of cozy, comfy rooms ...

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