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A Mother's Love

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Mother's Day, May 12, is the day to remind us how important our mothers are to all of us .... something we hopefully do everyday. If there is anything I have learned as a woman over all my years, it is that this love we share with the women that came before us is magical, and powerful, and can transcend any obstacle that comes in its path.

But today I want to celebrate what all human mothers have in common with the precious animals that we share this beautiful planet with. The love animals express for their babies is no less than the love we humans feel.

For many years now, I have been saddened by how human beings have vilified touch among humans. Sometimes I am not sure the gift of speech in humans over animals is a good thing. We often make something out of nothing, and definitely make it uncomfortable for us to show love. We all need full bear hugs, a gentle touch on the hand to remind us everything will be ok, and a look eye to eye that says more than any words can say.

I wish for all of us that on this special day, Mother's Day, we can remember the joy that love brings to us, and that when you look at your children, you remember how incredible this love was in the beginning. Time has a way of diminishing everything ... but don't let that happen today. Slow down, remember the feelings you had when you held your baby for the first time. Bring this love out of your soul and let the glow come over you again, from your head to your toes. (slideshow below)

I have always been passionate about animals. My soul feels deeply for them. When I built my home, Flatrock Mill, I deemed it a wildlife sanctuary, which I defined as "if you value the family jewels, you will not hunt on this property." Indeed, I actually catch ladybugs and wasps that are "misplaced" in my home and carefully take them outside. Everything that shares Earth with us is important in my eyes, and in the whole scheme of nature. When I look at these photographs above, I know why I feel this way.

Most human women light up when they see a baby. For me, not having a child of my own and having bottle-fed twenty of these little furry critters, I literally melt at the sight of a kitten. I couldn't wean the last four off a bottle. It took over a month, they just wanted to be held and loved. I can only imagine the love I would feel if I had a child of my own. What melts your heart?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you ... Cherish the Day.



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