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Spring: Time to Upcycle

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Time was when Spring meant Spring Cleaning. But what is the fun in that?

I personally hate to clean although I appreciate and want a clean home. But cleaning is so personally unrewarding. For years, when I was cleaning I would tell myself that I was really redecorating. It seemed the perfect time to enhance my environment. Now when I hear the word Spring, I look at it as Time to Upcycle absolutely anything and everything in my home and garden. And why not? With all the new products available today, it is not only easy to do, but fun and rewarding!

When you walk through an antiques market this weekend, try looking at every little thing with new eyes. Ask yourself ... How can I make that great object my style, something to make me smile every time I glance its way. Then tell yourself ... I can turn those old lamps into a three tiered serving stand. I can make those old pots Country French style. I can turn that plain mirror into a stunning focal point. I can make those old galvanized pots and watering can into a water fountain.

As Frank Loyd Wright once said, "God is in the details." Sometimes just a touch can transform an entire room. The inside of the red box is a perfect example, along with just the corner of the frame and the upcycled tool box that now has so many uses.

Could a collection of frames who only deserve a fresh coat of paint be a wonderful wall feature? Does an old table with classic style just need a cool top to be outstanding? What if an old table for your porch was enhanced with decoupaged flowers instead of just paint? Is that old sink crying out to be taken home for your potting bench? Could that old straw hat and bag be the perfect Spring accessories with just a little creativity? Does that cool old lamp just need an uplifted shade, or that floor lamp flowers in my garden? Imaginations can be magic if you look at things differently ... not for what they are but for what they can be.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Click on the first photo to enlarge so you can see the entire photo.

Always remember that new is not necessarily better. Many items you find in antiques markets are higher quality. A little upcycling can transform them into your own personal style. And Spring is the perfect time to learn a new skill or two and spruce up both your home and your garden.

You will find so many more ideas, DIY tips, and photo credits on my Pinterest Board.


What better place to search for great furniture and accessories, and everything from fresh produce to hand made jewelry, than at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market! You absolutely never know what you may find there! You may discover something you grew up with that not only brings back memories, but you can transform into a great pleasure for you now.

The Market is open the 3rd weekend every month and is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight.

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