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The Classic Buffet: Versatile & Functional

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The Buffet or Sideboard has become one of the most versatile choices for Interior Design furnishings today.

What started out in the 1770s in Britain and popularized by Scots architecture and furniture designer Robert Adams, the Buffet became a classic in homes everywhere, primarily for serving in dining rooms and for storage of serving dishes.

Dining tables in olden times were commonly called "boards." and more narrow "boards" were used to serve food, hence, the name Sideboard, also acceptable for Buffet. As times progressed, the Buffet became quite popular, evolving into more elaborate styles, often including a top piece with shelves and a mirror.

Where Buffets Fit In Your Interior Design Plan

Most Buffets are 36" high making it the perfect height for serving food, but you will not find them designated only to the dining room anymore. The Buffet makes a striking feature in an entry or just about anywhere in your home. The extra storage is always welcomed, and what better furniture to hold today's ample size TVs. It is also a great choice for a vanity in the bath.

Updating the Classic Buffet

Buffets make a great statement in their original finish, but it is easy to update this classic piece simply using paint. Here, the sky is the limit, from a single color, to bi-finishes, to washes or by adding stencils, etc.. The classic Buffet can fit into any style home or office from traditional to farmhouse to modern with the stroke of a brush.

What's more, Buffets are readily available today in a variety of styles. You'll find that by choosing an older piece of furniture, you will have a better built addition that will last for years in your home.

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