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Not Your Mama's Furniture Anymore

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Think antique furniture is out of style? You need to think again!

The quality of most new furniture cannot hold a candle to the craftsmanship used in building the furniture found in antiques markets today. Rarely will you find drawers that are dovetailed, the kind of drawers that actually hold weight and stay together. Furniture with real wooden trim, not a plastic piece just glued on. That's why it is still around today ... fine quality ... and you would be smart in invest in this furniture for your home or business.

But it doesn't have to look like grandma's. Enter the world of painted furniture. Let's take a stroll down the painted furniture path ...

The Before and Afters

Now you have a totally new, but well built addition to compliment your decor. A chest of drawers is a wonderful piece to feature your big screen tv. The drawers would be wonderful for DVDs.That's what I want to do in the new house.

The Two-Tones

Notice one of these has metallic accents. Metallic painted furniture is trending now as are mixed metallic accessories in the home.

The Gradient Finishes

A Little More Stylized & Fun

Everyone of these pieces started with one of your grandmother or mother's discards. And every one is a treasure in their current homes. So when you go shopping, don't look an older piece of furniture and say, yuk! Check out the craftsmanship, stand back, and just imagine how you can make this piece your very own, and one that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Ask yourself ... How will I use this in my home? What color would I like to paint this piece? Would you want it to be basic black or wild and wonderful? The only limits are in your imagination.

But you say you don't know how to paint furniture? With all the paint out there today, especially chalk paint, it's easy. Wherever you purchase the paint, the tech will be happy to give you a brief tutorial. For a more stylized approach, there is no end to tips and full DIY on And for those who want quality and a great look but do not want to paint, there are artist out there who will create a one of a kind masterpiece just for you. Well, it will feel like a masterpiece to you even if it is only a nightstand ... because you designed it!




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