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Thanksgiving Decor: Lakewood 400 Style

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Could there be any easier or more fun project than decorating for the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving? And could there be any more fun than wondering the endless aisles of Lakewood 400 Antiques Market to find just the perfect pieces to express how blessed we are to be able to celebrate and give thanks with our family or friends.

One thing that makes decorating for Thanksgiving so easy is the ability to incorporate vintage treasures in your display. And where will you find these great pieces ... Lakewood 400!

Thanksgiving isn't just a time to stuff yourself with turkey and dressing. It's a time to sit back and count your blessings. We all have so much to be thankful for.

It's time to create simple vignettes to reflect the blessings of home and family for all to share.

Start at the beginning ... the base!

Whether you are creating a vignette for a a buffet or the center of your table, most will start with a base of some sort. Here are a few options ... 1: Baskets 2: Natural Wooden Trays 3: Wooden Slabs

4: Dough Bowls 5: Vintage Bowls or Pottery 6: Cutting Boards 7: Galvanized Trays 8: Vintage Metal Trays 9: Silver Trays

Next add memories and things you love ...

That old pitcher your Grandmother loved; that old bottle Grandfather had in his shop; old photos to remind the family who they came from; the vintage pot your aunt kept trinkets in; candlesticks collected over the years; and don't forget stacks of Uncle Bob's old books for lifts. If you don't have these things, you may find the very one or similar items at Lakewood 400!

You can have one or more Focal Points. These items stand out immediately when you gaze at your design. Candlesticks or old lanterns work well.

Levels are so important in creating the perfect vignette or centerpiece for interest and to keep the eye moving. Once you have set your base add a stack of old books, compotes or cake plates for levels. How much more pleasing to look at is a pumpkin lifted on an upside down pedestal vase than just sitting there!

Color is also important. Use a bright color to draw the eye or create a monochromatic scheme, all one color tone, whatever you love. You may choose to add a clever sign, a chalk board with a special message, artwork, or old letters or notes to your display.

Filler can be anything from greenery from your garden to pumpkins to fresh fruit and nuts. There's an endless selection of faux and real, dried flowers which can be from a field. The list is inexhaustible! The truth is ... anything will work. It's all about using what you love to warm your heart and touch your family as well. The important thing to remember is to make it personable to you and your family.

Here are some photos to inspire you and get you started ... but first, sit back and remember Thanksgivings past. What is lying dormant in your heart?

Click on a photo and they will enlarge for full view.

Don't stop with the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. There's the buffet, your side table by your comfy chair, entrance table to greet your guests, outside your home, the kitchen ...

Once you get started, you will not want to stop. And why should you. With all the treasures and what Mother Nature provides in the fall, there is an endless supply.

As usual, I have so much more to show you! Click Here to go to my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board for more ideas and photo credits.


What better place to search for raw wood, furniture or great accessories than at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market! The Market is open the 3rd weekend every month and is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight. You absolutely never know what you may find there! For info Click Here!


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