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Sitting Pretty on Art

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Kay Sorenson bought herself a birthday present ... one of my favorite things to do!

And quite a present it is. That's it, to the right, an absolutely beautiful hand-painted chair by Monna Haug, a Kenosha, Wisconsin.

According to Kay, it is as comfortable as it is beautiful, and it's beautiful on all four sides. So it took a little thought to position it in her room that would be a little better than what she really wanted to do ... to place it in the very center of the room! Happy Birthday to Kay!

Shouldn't there always be a focal point in a room? And wouldn't is be fabulous if it was also a work of art? And why shouldn't it be colorful and cheery! I always love a single chair sitting alone, with a small side table for wine or tea, a great floor lamp, and an ottoman for your tootsies. A place to curl up with a great book and make the world go away ... for a while.

I've been gathering photos of these wonderful chairs for some time now and all of them are not hand painted, Some are upholstered in multiple fabrics. Some have been adorned with embroidered fabric, and some have vintage stitchery worked into them, The options are limited only by your imagination. However they are designed, they are stunning. Plain chairs have lost their allure for me ... unless I want to hand paint it myself! Finding a chair to transform is pretty easy today .... just check out any flea or antique market.

To see all sides of Kay's chair, click here. To see even more incredible chairs go to the Designs for Graceful Living Pinterest page "Sitting Pretty on Art" board by clicking here. There you will also find links to how to paint or upholster furniture. But for right now, sit back and enjoy the show below and start dreaming of your new Artful Chair ... Christmas is coming soon, you know! Time to buy a present ... for me!




Ready to give it a try ... Check out by clicking the photo below.

I love this company! They have more fabric and accessories than you can possibly imagine!.

So I just had to play and pick colors for an imaginary chair upholstery project.

The middle photo is of a 44" Floral Panel. Great choices for any fabric!


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