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Old? No! Wildly Wise & Free!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

I absolutely will not go gently into the abyss of old age. I will go kicking and screaming, playing and having fun. I will wear anything I want to wear as long as it is comfortable, and that includes shoes. And I will wear whatever color I want, all of them at one time if I want, whenever I want. I have lived a long time and I have earned it. Because ... I'm still here!

jan jones 2019

As long as I can remember I have wanted to design my own clothes. I learned to sew from my mother who made every stitch of clothes I wore until I started kindergarten. I have a 6' tall x 4' wide armoire packed to the hilt with gorgeous fabrics. It's time! It will never be easier with today's casual styles to make ones own clothes. OMG ... what a great time to be alive!

I'm not alone in this feeling. There seems to be a chorus of women who feel the same way. Out with the all black that filled my closet most of my life. In with silver hair ... thank goodness since my hair turned silver in my forties! All that old jewelry that is spilling out of jewelry boxes all over the world is in, and wearing a lot at once is stylish as well! Women are choosing comfort over tight rigid clothes and are opting for comfortable shoes only. And everyone is finding this time of our lives to be freeing. It is time to finally realize we can do whatever we want. No one is telling us otherwise anymore, and if they do, we don't listen! We are not going to live forever. We may get hit by a car tomorrow. So why not live for today and enjoy every moment of our lives! Grab that gold ring ... the Merry-Go-Round is spinning out of control!

It's been labeled Advance Style ... I call it Spreading My Wings


And guess what, this doesn't apply to just women! Slideshow:

Advice ... Not Guidelines! No rules, remember!

Be proud of all you have accomplished in your lifetime to date. You'll be surprised how much you have done if you think about it one moment at a time! Carry yourself with all that pride on display. Don't dress to be a clown, just give expression to your soul. Take care of yourself, never miss a chance to play. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique. Accentuate everything that makes you, you! Have fun. Laughter is contagious and good for your heart. Spread your joy as you let your joy of life sing. And whatever you do ...



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Here's a great way to add color to your wardrobe! The reviews on these shoes are great, very comfortable and cute as can be. They do run a little large, perfect for a wider foot (like mine).

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