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Lessons From Nature

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

There are many lessons we learn from nature, but the Bowerbird teaches us art, interior design, magic, illusion, patience, determination and one more very important thing ...

Native to New Guinea and Australia, there are 20 species of Bowerbirds, named for the elaborate bowers they painstakingly build to attract a mate. The bowers are either alleys or cave types, composed of sticks, each placed one at a time, and are quite elaborate. Once the main structure is created, the male sets about to decorate his bower in a manner he believes will be the most attractive to a potential mate.

The "yard" of the structure will be adorned with objects, found or stolen. The Satin Bowerbird has a passion for all things blue, the color of his eyes.. Often in his collection you will find plastic straws, bottle caps, lighters, clothespins ... absolutely anything that is in his chosen hue. Other Bowerbirds may choose a different color ... white, green or even rose colored flowers. Tiny shells, sea glass, rocks or bones might be gathered along with berries, acorns and other nuts. Every item must then be placed perfectly, in small groupings or other designs, often each one moved several times until it is deemed perfect in his eye. The master illusionist, he may make the display wider at the front, narrowing to the structure to create an illusion of an even larger bower. All of this work, this intricate design, is for one purposely ... to attract a mate.

In all the bird world and many other species on earth other than human beings, the males are usually the more attractive with all their colorful plumage which they use passionately to convince the female that he is the chosen one to mate. Just think of the peacock who will strut those incredible tail feathers for hours on end to convince a female he is the strongest, prettiest, and the one for her.

Not so with human beings ... and here is the most important lesson to learn ...

Often, all it takes among male and female human beings is a

"Hey, Baby, I luv you" ... and we think we are in love! LOL!

The Satin Bowerbirds, male and female above left, To the right are the Flame Bowerbirds.

Some of the bowers created by the Bowerbirds: slideshow

The less colorful of the species, the more elaborate their bower will be. But for the bowerbird below, obviously striking, his grand performance for the female is something to see. (I think it was working on me!)




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