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Growing Your Own in Raised Beds

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Don't you just yearn for the time when we could walk out to our garden and pick vegetables for dinner? I do. But, oh my aching knees! I'm waiting for that perfect person to come and claim my home for their own so we can build again. I'm already planning my vegetable garden ... one that will be easy on the knees!

Raised beds create vegetable gardens that are segmented in beautiful groupings, not only to have compatible plantings together, but also for the sheer beauty. The paths provide stable walking space and make it easier to reach your reward. Who wouldn't love the garden below?

However, for my new home, I'm looking for something more manageable for me ...

This one really looks ideal. It even has a cold frame in the middle section great for starting seed early in the season. I would probably have added a little more potting soil to within 2 inches of the top inside. It's important to use a quality soil like Miracle Grow that will allow for well drained soil, but if your raised bed is really deep, you can use rock or gravel in the bottom, followed by top soil, and then the Miracle Grow on the top. Mixing in a few annuals with the vegetables is not only pleasing the eye, but can also help productions such as adding marigolds, known to keep some insects today. Be sure to have a trellis for those pole beans! Check these out... (slide show)

What a great project to do with your children or grandchildren! But today, I am just dreaming because I am still waiting for my home to sell. And my knee is still aching! So I think I will make do for now with the one below and probably order this great book to guide me through.

I found both of these online along with all kinds of raised bed containers that you can order from Amazon. Just click on the photos above for details. I can't wait to go pull fresh greens for a salad!




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