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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

There it is in all it's regal over-stuffness, taunting me. It beckons with promises of adventure, romance ... escape from the hallows of everyday life. I succumb, happily clutching my newest book, and run to her open arms. Snug and cozy, she transforms into the Oriental Express or the African Queen, holding me in her grasp as we flee from reality ...
jan jones

When I was a very small child, a friend of my Mothers gave me a sweet little book, The Tiny Tiny Woman. I have joked that I have been decorating all of my life and this may have been my introduction to that joy. I loved this tiny woman in her tiny little house and all her tiny little furniture! I still have the book today!

My parents always had a hobby, and they never approached them in a small way. They raised parakeets and when the thrill was gone, there was a nice lean-to on the back of the house where the nesting boxes were, and a screened area where the birds could exercise. I was given permission to use the house as my playhouse. We had a great back yard table, one with metal legs and wooden boards attached to the top with carriage bolts, and that became my "second floor" just like the house in the book. I had another "my size table" which I used as a "dining room table" and I collected all kinds of rainbow colored, clear plastic dishes. I am repeatedly stopped in my tracks today when I see rainbow color accents, all of this because of that little book.

Kindergarten started for me at Kirkwood Elementary in Atlanta. I can close my eyes and remember the feeling that came over me the first time I went into the Kirkwood Library. All those books! The aroma that only come from books. I always gravitated to the stacks that were new or waiting to be put back on the shelves. Every one of those books had a story and promised adventure with every turn of the page.

If you are a mother or grandmother who loves your children or grandchildren so much that you introduce them to the joy of books ... and ... you create for them a book nook, you will be rewarded much over the years as they grow. And the children are lucky indeed ...


Every home needs a comfortable chair in the overall design, whether it be in the living room, bedroom, or sunroom. A place to rest and read, aside from other seating, with a table for tea, coffee or wine, a great lamp, and an ottoman to rest your feet. If you are an avid reader, may you be so lucky as to have a nearby library, regardless how large or small it may be.

As Stephen King said, eBooks will no more replace a real, hard cover book than the escalator will replace the stairway. Electronic books may be a quick read, but to truly escape from reality, there's no replacement for a real book and they will always be a part of my life and my home decor.

Somehow, books make me feel rich. Maybe because they truly enrich our lives. Spending time in book stores is sheer pleasure. And sharing books with friends is wonderful. There is just something about holding a real book in your hands ... the cover, the pages, the spine, the smell ... none of which comes with Kindle. When coupled with the happiness that comes from creating your own little corner in your home in this world, nothing can possibly bring you more peace than a book.

This is just a few examples. I have so much more to show you.

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