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Bringing the Sea Home

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Like so many of us, my family made many sojourns to the sea every summer. We would leave late at night, presumedly so we (the little ones) would sleep and be quiet, as we made our way to Panama City Beach. Sometimes it would be just my mom, dad, brother and myself along with my mother's brother, his wife and later their children. Sometimes, it would be my mother's entire family. They rented an old house on the beach that is very much a part of my soul even today. All total, it would sleep nineteen including all the beds on the huge screen porch. If I close my eyes, I can still smell that house and the sea that was in every morsel of it.

When I built my little cottage, I wanted it to feel like it was at the beach or in the mountains. More than anything, I wanted it to be comfortable, relaxed ... a place where you knew you could just be yourself.

When I built my current home, it flows with the colors of the sea ... starting with a crisp blue, to aqua, to lime green. But the guest bedroom, is totally a beach theme. Somehow, I don't think one can ever tire of the colors of the sea ... they just comfort.

So many of my clients have been taking wonderful holidays this summer. As they posted unbelievable photos of scrumptious dinners straight from the sea, the sunrises and sunsets as they walked on the beach, the joy of turning off their cell phones, I have to admit I commented more than once just one word ... Jealous!

There is no question the sea will remain in your heart once it has made its way in, but what about the little treasures you find on the beach, the promising reminders of the moments you were overcome with the magic of the sea?

You can easily turn those treasures into little spots in your home where the moment your eyes drift to them, you are transported back to the sea. A shell, a special photo, a memento from a side trip...

Why not create a corner in your home dedicated to the sea ... Who could not relax with the sea right above you when you drift into relaxing calm in a tub full of warm, bubbly water ...

If you have been lucky enough to catch the beauty of the sea with your camera, perhaps a wall of enlarged, framed photos would serve as a reminder. Don't forget to place a comfortable chair nearby to day dream. What a great place this would be to meditate ...

Just one more idea for now ... why not create your decor in your bedroom where you can change your spread in the summer to remind you of the sea?

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