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Bring May Flowers ... In

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I have always wanted a cutting garden. Of all the gardens I have had, I've never really had a cutting garden where I could cut and bring armloads of beautiful, fragrant flowers into my home. So a cutting garden is on my bucket list for my new home (if ever we manage to sell the old one.) I'm destined to have that garden. It's written in the stars. Why else would I have been the owner of the garden shop, Come Into My Garden, when I finally met my soul mate so late in life, and he, believe it or not, is a gardener!

Do you remember when Opray Winfrey told viewers they should always have fresh flowers in their homes? Everyone went crazy ... 'sure, it's easy for you. You have all the money in the world.' Her come back was perfect. You don't have to be a millionaire to have fresh flowers in your home. You can bring in what some would call weeds, or green stems from a bush or flowering tree.

Having flowers in your home doesn't mean it has to be a magnificently, glorious bunch. A simple flower can bring you joy and fragrance just as well. I love the simplicity of Ikebana with just one or two flowers. And think about what just one simple hyacinth can do for your spirit in the spring when it completely fills your home with that incredible aroma.

My father grew a small field of gladiolas later on in life for only one reason ... to give them away. My challenge was to search thrift shops and flea markets to find vases to present them. Then, we would load them up, carefully packed in a cardboard box to keep them from tipping over, and hand deliver them to neighbors, friends and family. He so loved doing this and this simple act of kindness was a joy to the recipients as well.

As a child, did you pick bunches of clover or little flowers from your yard to give to your Mother? Maybe you have a child or grandchild that brings you little surprises today. It makes you feel wonderful, doesn't it? It's love. When was the last time you presented a friend or loved one with a little flower from your garden? (slide show below)

If you have a cutting garden, what do you grow just to bring inside or give away?

If you are dreaming like me of a cutting garden, what would you like to grow to love?




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