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Are You Holiday Ready?

Christmas Dinner Festivities

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day are just around the corner. Are you ready for the festivities? With the world becoming more scary every day, it's important to bring your family and friends close to your heart for a big hug, and share every precious moment and memory you can muster, all while creating even more memories. After all, what would Christmas be without loved ones?

What is Hygge and what does it mean

I kept seeing the word, Hygge, all over Pinterest, but I didn't have a clue what it meant. Could it be an abbreviation? Not that I could figure out. An anagram? No, again.

Turns out, that Hygge, pronounced hoo-gha, is not a thing, but a feeling, originating in Denmark. It is all about living the simple life, coziness, and being mindful and appreciative of each little thing. The Scandinavians cherish the intimacy of a single moment. You may think this was derived from the cold that envelopes the area, but even though they do enjoy the warmth inside, the Danes also seek to bundle up and revel in the crisp, fresh air outside. But inside the home , calmness is sought which allows the nostalgia of Christmas' past to come front and center and traditions to abound. We too can embrace hygge during the holiday season.

7 Day Hygge Challenge

In the Scandinavian countries, the season is celebrated from December 23 through Christmas, with traditions that are carried on year after year. In America, we generally start the Christmas season with the decorating of a tree following Thanksgiving dinner, that being when we are able to get off the sofa from being stuffed with turkey! The holidays officially ended on the 3rd of January when everyone scurried back to work. But times have changed, pandemics, etc., and it seems that truly back into the throws of work is closer to the middle or end of January. But who is complaining?

The 7 Day Hygge Challenge is a wonderful example of how to enjoy the holidays by yourself or with your family, but we need this year to bring more family and friends closer We really need a big, group hug.

We have many traditions in America but a few at the top include decorating a tree and inside the home, outdoor lights and decor, hanging stockings. Christmas dinner, mistletoe, making gingerbread houses, baking cookies, sending cards and giving gifts. Every family has their own traditions as well. But what if you want to do something more special this year. How do you begin?

Make A Plan To Get Holiday Ready

Christmas Events to Host

First, make yourself a hot cut of tea, grab a notebook and pen, cuddle up in a comfortable chair, cover yourself with a cozy throw, and take time to think about what you want to receive and give back from this most important holiday season. Use that notebook to first list who you want to spend the holidays with, what you would like to share with them, and also how you can give back by volunteering. Here's a few suggestions. Why not try something new? Whatever you choose to do, keep it simple and be present every single moment of the event!

What if you do not want to host an event? Join in with others at church or community events. Send cards to people who may not hear from anyone at all. Organizations abound that need folks like yourself to help this time of year.. There are so many ways to share the joy of Christmas. Just look around.

Need more ideas? Go to my Pinterest boards.

Now what?

Go Holiday Ready Shopping

When you decide what you want to do, take a little time to gaze around your home and see what you may need. If you have been following me for a while, you know that my favorite place to shop is the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. The name is a little misleading today. Yes, you can still find a plate to replace the broken one in Aunt Callie's china or a set of Pyrex Mixing Bowls for making holiday cookies like your mother and grandmother used (and I yearn for). But the name today should be the Lakewood 400 Market because you can find everything from fresh produce and canned pickles, to trendy furnishings and accessories, Christmas gifts for everyone on your list and yourself, and fashions and jewelry that make a statement. All this under one roof, and hosted by over 200 friendly and helpful dealers who run their individual shops. This is not shopping online. At Lakewood you can touch what you want to buy, sit on it, and test it out. I want to share with you a gallery of current items for sale at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. (Slide show, use arrows.)

Whether you need a cutting board for a great charcuterie display (and by the way, they don't have to be all fruit and cheese; try snacks and candies in the shape of a wreath), a new dining table to seat all of your family and friends, a great comfortable chair, or a new lamp to offer a warm glow, you can find it at Lakewood. And that is not to mention all the gifts that will thrill everyone including sports fans! So once you know what you need including that missing cranberry spoon, head over to Lakewood 400 Antiques Market and go on a fun treasure hunt.

Don't Forget Yourself

Enjoying Christmas Holidays

This year is special. It's time to wrap everyone in a warm hug and that includes yourself. Buy whatever your heart has been desiring! Treat yourself to a night out and a feast fit for royalty. And if you want to do more, remember that there are so many children and folks who have so much less than us. Reach out to them and see how you might make their holidays just a little brighter.

Just Enjoy!



You will find more ideas and photo credits for all the photos above on my Pinterest board:

Holiday Ready Check it out!

What better place to search for great mirrors, furniture and accessories, and everything from fresh produce to hand made jewelry, than at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market! You absolutely never know what you may find there! You may discover something you grew up with that not only brings back memories, but you can transform into a great, personal pleasure for you now.

The Market is open the 3rd weekend every month except when the maarket hosts the Annual Antiques & Gift Show on the 1st weekend of December. It is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight.

For more information Click Here!

Please Note: Beginning January 2024, Lakewood 400 Antiques Market will be open on the 1st weekend of every month, and no longer on the 3rd. Go to the website and you can add the upcoming dates to your Google calendar. For a reminder every month, sign up for their newsletter.


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