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7 Ways to Use Empty Frames

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

When is an empty frame a work of art?

Antique markets and thrift shops are full of old frames, and some are literally a work of art in their own rite. There are so many things you can do with these treasures, starting with collecting them and giving them a loving little scrub. Use them in their natural glory, or paint them ... all one color, many colors, solid or shabby, gold or silver leaf. Paint them the same color of your wall and you have wainscoting. Hang them in an artistic pattern and you have an artistic sculpture. Hang them all flat or layer them for interest. Hang them over your bed or sofa and you have a focal point. Use the to showcase a collectible or even a great iron hook inside them. Or just sit them on your mantle, sideboard or bookshelves. Whatever you do, don't pass them up when you go treasure hunting!

1 ~ Hang Frames on the Wall.

Choose frames that are similar or that blend. For a more artistic touch, mix the styles. Paint them all alike , different colors, or in they original state. This is an easy way to fill a large area. Later you may wish to add art to one or more, a focal point in the middle, or add seasonal items to give prominence.

Click on a photo to enlarge.

Hang Frames Flat or Layered

Want to be more artistic? Trying layering your grouping of empty frames.

Leave even space between frrames or scrunch them close. You are the artist!

Click on a photo to enlarge.

2 ~ Use Frames as Wainscoting

Use a variety of frames or choose similar chapes and sizes. Add them to your wall and ythen paint.

Click on a photo to enlarge.

3 ~ Create a Focal Point Over Your Bed

Contain them just over the bed or extend them to the entire wall.

Click on a photo to enlarge.

4 ~ Add a Frame Background

Add a piece of plywood covered with a super fabric behind your frame, with or without a hold cut into the plywood. If you don't cut the frame hole, use a different color fabric or cardstock for that area. Adding a backing is a great way to gain prominence.

Click on a photo to enlarge.

5 ~ Don't Hang, Just Sit

Who says you always have to "hang" a frame. Frames are so beautiful, they can sit anywhere!

Click on a photo to enlarge.

6 ~ Use Frames to Accent

Isn't the artistic freedom we have today just wonderful! You truly can do anything you want to do!

Click on a photo to enlarge.

7 ~ Put A Shelf In It!

Why not add a shelf inside a frame? It certainly adds interest and almost creates a niche!

Click on a photo to enlarge.

It is wonderful to have so many frames readily available to us to use in so many ways. This is just a few suggestions. We would love to see how you have used frames in your home or office!



You will find so many more ideas, DIY tips, and photo credits on my Pinterest Board.

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