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Upholstery: Updated!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

You were strolling through an antiques market when you came upon a chair just like your grandmother had in her living room. Your mind drifted back to the days when Granny sat on that chair with you cuddled in her lap. You remember how very comfy that chair was.

You walk over and sit down. It still feels cozy. There are not even any springs poking in your butt or back. Your mind is wandering through the most pleasant memories when you stand up again and take a second look.

Oh, my goodness, It looks so worn and dirty!

It probably does, but it doesn't have to stay that way! Upholstery today is updated!

A little reupholstery will fix that great chair right up. But wait. Today you can give that

sweet memory a bright future and make it a focal point in your home or business simply by choosing more colorful fabrics that are so in style in the 2023 design world..

It may be the state of the world we live in that is causing us to require brighter colors. Or it may be simply that we are getting older. This I know from personal experience. The older I get, the brighter the colors I need surrounding me. I need to provide a happy glow to both my home and in my outlook of the world we live in at this time.

With today's updated upholstery, you may choose one overall fabric, or more than one. A different one for the back, the seat, the arms. Mackenzie Childs pioneered multi fabric upholstery themes and I suspect everyone has to admit that all of her creations make you smile. There is joy in color and joy leads to peacefulness.

Gone are the days of rigid ... it has to be done this way ... upholstery. For a lot of furniture styles, you can easily update them yourself. But if you just felt shivers up your spine at the thought, there are many professional and semi pro reupholsters rearing and ready to take on the task for you at a fraction of the cost of a new piece today. And you have a quality made piece of furniture that had withstood the test of time. So never hesitate to invest in what Grandmother loved.

Here are a few examples I have chosen for you. Click below to go to my Pinterest board where you can see get many more ideas and reupholstery instruction as well.

Click on the first photo to view full screen.



You will find so many more ideas, DIY tips, and photo credits on my Pinterest Board.

What better place to search for great furniture and accessories, and everything from fresh produce to hand made jewelry, than at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market! You absolutely never know what you may find there! You may discover something you grew up with that not only brings back memories, but you can transform into a great, personal pleasure for you now.

The Market is open the 3rd weekend every month and is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight.

For more info Click Here!


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