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The Ultimate His & Her Bath!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Since I was divorced in 1980 and hadn't lived with anyone during all that time, living with my new husband was an awakening for me. I'm still a newlywed, three years this Christmas. So with a lot of thought and planning, I have designed what I think would be the perfect bath for Jeff and I, and probably a lot of other couples as well.

A quick overview: He has his side, she has her side, and there's a great walk in shower in the middle, which is the heart of this plan.

The shower is 5'4" wide and 12' deep. There is a one foot inset on the entry end where I see two corbels with a shelf to hold stacks of beautiful towels, a rod to hold wet towels to dry, and a couple of hooks to hold your robe while showering. There are barn doors for entry on his and her sides for as much privacy as desired.

What I love about this shower is it's size. It's large enough to bathe the dogs in nice warm water. You can build in a bench, but I am thinking more of a great teak bench that can be repositioned as needed. It's deep enough to add a walk in tub in the end and still have plenty of room to shower. And if money is not an object, you could add a door at the far end that would lead to a walled outside shower. Oh, how I love to dream.

The one thing you won't find in this shower is glass ... no glass door, no glass walls ... nothing that you have to struggle, usually unsuccessfully, to clean. Amen!

My plan has a toilet and a 4-5' vanity with drawers and storage on both sides. I really feel this is large enough for one person. I have an incredible, very unusual master suite in my home now and it has an eight foot vanity. You can see this unique master suite at

But instead of a larger vanity, I would like to add a piece of furniture for additional storage on her side, maybe something like the ones in the slideshow below. I imagine most of the little "drug store" we all have would be on my side and I like the height on these for child safety.

Jeff doesn't seem to have as much stuff as I do, so I would like to add a comfortable bench, something like one of these below for him: (sizes, of course, to be adjusted.) This looks like a fun project for me to create just the right piece for him, maybe starting with a great old door.

Of course, we are still trying to sell our home, but as soon as we do, hopefully we will build our next dream home and this will be the master bath. That's how I go to sleep every night, thinking about every detail. I could go on and on with decorating ideas, but you get the general idea. If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 770-922-0555 or email me at I would be happy to help with your design ideas.




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