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My Home Needs A Change!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Several years ago I visited the home of an older couple who owned a very interesting furniture store. They heavily bought Mart closeouts and always had very interesting and unusual items, not so different from Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. I was surprised to see that their home was caught in a time warp. I made a comment about how much I loved to decorate to which the lady replied, "Not me. I got it done and that was it!" I remember looking at her and wondering how someone could create a "nest" and never spruce it up, especially when she had so much at her fingertips!

Between the time I left home at 19 and married at 25, I moved 20 times. My Mother said as soon as I got one decorated, I moved so I could do another. She was right. It was easy to do while I was young and free, but after I was married it was a bit more of a chore. That's when I learned to update and redo.

Always the spontaneous designer, four homes ago (this one I was renovating), the walls and floors were done but my furniture wasn't quite right. I put an ad in the paper and by noon I had sold everything in my living room, and by 4 PM I had bought all new. This was so fun!

I designed and built my current home. I chose soothing sea colors that just flow through the entire house, crisp blue, aqua and green. The gathering room is large and serves as the living room, dining room, library and music room. For some reason, I painted this room an off white which I had never done before. I sat in this room over three months with my arms crossed over my chest and then called one of the painters. I went to Home Depot and picked Behr Asparagus without hesitation. When the room was repainted, the white trim and the dark furniture popped. With all of the windows, the nature outside then became part of the room. I never felt uncomfortable in this room again. Sometimes ... just changing one thing can uplift your spirit.

For the last year or so most of us have been at home more than we wanted to be. Some of us found it wonderful while others pulled their hair out, feeling trapped. Me, I love staying at home. But I have to admit, staring at the same things as much as we have lately makes me itchy for a CHANGE!

Change can be a good thing. Updating your environment can work wonders for your outlook on life. You may want to take on a major adventure ... your entire home, just one room, or maybe a corner vignette. Chalk Painting a single piece of furniture can create a new focal point. Painting the walls or a brick fireplace can be a dramatic start and most updates today seem to go from dark to light, primarily white. Understandably, we seem to need to brighten up our world. But don't forget how exciting an accent color can be on one or two walls.

But I bet you won't stop there. Freshly painted walls just scream out for new furniture, art and accessories. If you've got the bug, the best place in the South to get ideas is Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. And, once you find a direction which you would like to go, you can find everything you need to give your home an uplift all under one roof.

Don't be surprised if you feel like you have had a makeover when you are done!


The Lakewood 400 Antiques Market is open the 3rd weekend every month January through November. The December Antiques & Gift Market is open the first weekend.

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