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Inspired Walls

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

So the latest trend has been to simplify our abodes. Paint the walls white. They're beautiful, clean and bright. But they are also sterile, and cold, and human beings need more. We need to see art! But not just one painting. Why do one when we can do an entire wall. Enter: Gallery Walls.

How do you choose art?

Art should speak to you. It should arouse a feeling or a memory from deep within your soul. It could be family photos, new or old. Maybe it's just a color that stimulates your eye and will be compatible with your home. If you are wealthy, you may choose art just because the artist is famous. But for most of us, art is chosen because it just makes us feel good, and feeling good is wonderful in this day and time.

How do you create a Gallery Wall?

Gallery walls take many forms. It may be just two works of art, or it may cover an entire wall in your home. It may be a display around an element such as as door or at the end of the hall or above a piece of furniture.

You may choose art because of a specific color that your soul loves for a more monotone scheme in your room.

Or you may choose a particular theme based on something you love and enjoy seeing every day.

You Gallery Wall may be just paintings or other artwork or it may contain additional elements.

You can install an inspiration wall above a desk. What better way to while away hours working.

You artwork may be hung in the traditional way or placed on shelves which is a great if you love to change out artwork with the seasons. You may even choose to hang you art differently, such as by rope hangers. So many options!

There are many articles on the internet suggesting the proper way to create a Gallery Wall. The only rule you really need is to follow is to choose what is pleasing to your eye and install it the way you feel comfortable. After all, it is your Gallery Wall. You might find it more pleasing, however, if you space every object evenly. Your Gallery Wall can be even more impressive with good lighting. Experiment with different options above or below your artwork. Make this wall yours! Enjoy!

The best thing about creating a Gallery Wall is that you can go on a great treasure hunt at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. You will be delighted with all you will find there for this project. For more info:

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