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Eclectic Collections

Updated: Jun 30

Eclectic Collections

Many birds around the world are ardent collectors. Some collect objects to attract a spouse, some to frighten enemies away. But most collect to literally decorate and sometimes build their nests. Many birds are attracted to shiny things such as candy wrappers, some to a particular color like the bowerbird shown here who has a passion for blue clothespins. Some collect one color, others want a rainbow of colors. Even our majestic Bald Eagle is a vocarious collector of building materials which includes light bulbs, clothes pins, plastic bottles and even golf balls!

Like our feathered friends, human beings are also collectors whether we realize it or not. We may choose to gather specific types of items, items of a color our soul determines, or items just because they make us feel a certain way ... usually joyful. We may collect a few items, or we may go all out and collect every one of our chosen collectibles we can possible find. We use them to decorate our homes for the most part. But always because they make us happy ... not so unlike our feathered friends.

How we display our chosen collectibles is a personal choice but an important one if we are going to enjoy them immensely. You may even choose more than one way to feature your collectibles

Eclectic Collections: A Master At Collecting & Displaying

Eclectic Collections

I first met Ann Osborne at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market as we were digging into boxes of small objects looking for just the right items to add to our collections. Both of us were artist and were both attracted to tiny objects, and it was always a challenge to see who would fine a treasures first. Ann is truly gifted, especially when it comes to displaying smaller objects. The photo above was taken of a display in her living room and literally mesmerized everyone who came to her home. I must have spent an hour the first time I was there just trying to take it all in, and returned on subsequent visits to learn from her talents. My guess is she started with the shelf and built out from there with every new find. But this wasn't the only collectible display in her home. There was a small one by the front door which included probably fifty gems ... pocket watches, some with chains which she draped artistically, tiny jewelry, numbers, letters, and objects d'art. It was a wonder anyone ever got beyond the entrance of her home ... there was so much to see. Every piece she collected had a special meaning to her and brought her happiness everyday.

Eclectic Collections: What to Collect

The only one that can tell you what to collect is your soul. What brings pleasure to your heart? What makes you light up just to see it? Is it something that your forefathers loved and brings you special memories? Listen to your heart and your soul and you will know what to collect. But believe me, there is something inside of you that is just aching to come out and play with your inner being. Free your soul... gather your rosebuds and cherish them. Below are a few collections that might spark your interest.

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Eclectic Collections: Display Ideas

There's no end to artistic ways to display your collections ... almost as many choices as items in your collections. Here are a few ideas! Let your creative juices flow and you will find a stunning way to show off your passion.

Click on first photo to see full image

Don't think you collect anything? Open your jewelry cabinet ... more than one of anyting there? Look around your home ... is one color more prominent than any other? How about your kitchen ... OK, I confess ... I have a large and ever growing collection of "leaf" plates and serving pieces in my favorite color ... lime green! And yes, they bring me pleasure every day of my life. If you truly can't find anything you accumulate, it may be time to start collecting. It is truly amazing the calming glow your soul brings forth at the sight of even a tiny object. We all deserve to have things that bring us pleasure!

For more inspiration, ... check out my Pinterest Board: Eclectic Collections. I have pinned hundreds of ideas for you. The photos above are all from Pinterest; to find the source Click here!


Lakewood 400 Antiques Market is the decorator's happy place to search collectible items, great treasure, furniture and accessories, and everything from fresh produce to handmade jewelry and fashions. You absolutely never know what you may find there!

It is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight.

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Please Note: Beginning January 2024, Lakewood 400 Antiques Market will be open on the 1st weekend of every month, and no longer on the 3rd. Go to the website and you can add the upcoming dates to your Google calendar. For a reminder every month, sign up for their newsletter.


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