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Designing for Impact

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Some very talented Designers have found very clever ways to achieve maximum impact with some of the "extras" available in the flea and antiques markets of today. Restaurants, in particular, are leading the way in making a huge impact with multiples in design. But it doesn't have to be achieved on such a grand scale. Give some of these ideas a try in your home or business. Check out the slide shows below.

Creating Interest ...

Ways with Walls and Ceilings ...

Designing with Pottery, Dishes, & Oh, My ...

Designs with Mirrors, Baskets, Upside Down Lamps & Etc. ...

Ok ... Surely this sparked your imagination! The fun thing about decorating today is everything works! You can combine any style, chippy or perfect, any color ... it's all up to you! Feather your nest or place of business with whatever turns you on and the very least compliment you will get is ... "OMG, what were you thinking! Where did you get all this stuff?" But I bet they come back and bring their friends to see your creations! Oh, what a world we live in today!




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