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Antiques: Repurposed, UpCycled

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Not too sure about antiques? Think they look old? You need to know a few a things . . .

Most antique furniture is so much better made than anything you can buy today. You would only fine dovetailed drawers in a piece created by the finest craftsman today, but it was common in most antique pieces. The quality of the wood was superior most of it coming from mature trees, not harvested too early. But antique furniture doesn't have to look old anymore. As a matter of fact, a Repurposed or UpCycled antique can be a feature and conversation piece in your home or garden.

Take the kitchen island to the left. What an incredible old stove. The design and craftsmanship is breathtaking. It is definitely making a statement in this modern kitchen.

Here's a few more unique kitchen islands sure to bring compliments.

Old Pianos are also wonderful to redesign. The upright to the left is now a Coffee Bar. In the middle, the Grand Piano is now a Liquor Bar, and the upright the right is a great Sewing Station. How clever!

Here an old wardrobe has been turned into a delightful Laundry and Linen Cabinet, while an old kitchen table or desk now contains a bathroom sink. And the old grandfather clock has become a cool storage cabinet for the bath.

And there's no end to what you can make out of old doors!

Not to mention old doors make great sliding doors.

Some items are tried and true and some are new. Old sewing machine bases are great for a multitude of creations, but the half round top caught our eye. The paper towel holder is an old globe stand. Many benches have been made from beds, but the coloring on this one is unique.

Concrete birdbath as a table base? You bet!

There is no end to antiques in the garden.

With just a little imagination, almost anything can be made into a one of a kind lamp.

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market has everything you need, no matter whether you want something already Repurposed or UpCycled, or if you are looking for a great DIY project to enhance your home or garden. For info about the Show:

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