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Adding Interest: Room Dividers

Updated: May 13, 2023

If you are a fan of HGTV, you are surely aware that the trend on most of the shows is to create an open floor plan. With so many of us being stuck at home over the last few years, it's understandable why we would want room to move unimpeded. But as styles continually change, the world continually changes, and sometimes we find that an open floor plan may not be as cozy and we would like to have. Sometimes we find that all that open space has reduced places to display treasures we have collected that have special meaning for us, as well as paintings and photographs that no longer have a wall on which to be featured.

Here's a quick fix. It can tame space, provide cuddly seating areas, even secure that private office you need, easily, and often reasonably.

Adding Interest: Focal Points

Let's say all you really want to do is add something eye catching and possibly room dividing. Two old favorites, old windows and antique doors, will come to your rescue. What can be easier than hanging a great old window to give just a little visual division to your home. Or mounting a fabulous old door. I always wanted a door with a round top but that has never been in the cards in any of my homes. But, guess what, I can definitely mount one as a dividers inside my home!

Adding Interest: Creating An Office

No doubt with so many still working at home, an office is necessary for most families, even though one interior design company predicted this year that we would be getting away from home offices. I still see a need for a home office, definitely for me! And depending on your family, many of us want one that can be away from the hubbub of daily life ... one that is quiet and possibly clutter concealing. Coming to our rescue here are those great doors. If you do not have a room dedicated for an office, consider creating one in a corner for privacy.

Adding Interest: Bookcases

Allowing you the visibility you had before, a free standing or built-in bookcase can add interest while displaying all those treasures you have collected during your world travels. (Or shells from the beach if your travels are local.) Family mementos are becoming more precious in our lives these days, and they deserve to be seen rather than packed away in that old trunk.

Adding Interest: Enhanced Room Entrances

From that open space, maybe you want to enhance an entrance to another room. Many designers are having fun using an old armoire as the entrance to a secret room. Pretty clever. Architectural Salvage can be the perfect find when it comes to a great entrance.

Adding Interest: Backdrops

Maybe you just want to add a backdrop to give that table behind the sofa for more impact. This will provide a place to display accessories and maybe even hang artwork as well.

Adding Interest: Screens & Room Dividers

Or maybe you just want a work of art to sit in a corner to enjoy! Folding screens have been around almost since the beginning of time, and some are quite extravagant. This is one area where you can be truly creative, especially with the abundance of old doors and shutters available. A screen can hide anything or just be a visual pleasure.

Room Dividers come in many forms. The Mid Century Modern era offered an abundance of unique pieces that can still out there today. All you really need is to think out of the box and you will find yourself with not only something you will love and enjoy, but be proud of as well.

The examples above are a drop in the bucket to what I found while searching this topic, and you can see everything on my Pinterest board. Click Here to explore more. Photo credits and sources are available there.



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