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2023 Design Trends

For once, we believe a paint manufacturer got it right. If you browse Pinterest or any decorating magazines, you will see that most new homes are painted with a blank palette ... usually white. That definitely seems to are the trend which allows you to use any accents of your choice. For BEHR, the color of the year is Blank Canvas (DC 003). Below we are showing it paired with accent colors selected by their designers

BEHR Designer Palette:

Soft green is still holding its own as the number one actual color, along with blue, both very soothing colors for a hectic world. Note that Emerald green is becoming quite popular. And not to slight the 0professionals, Paprika is predicted to be the number one Hot Color for 2023.

Why All The Neutral Colors?

It's all about easing anxieties caused by an unpleasant, worldly political environment. In addition to soothing colors, we are choosing to surround ourselves with items that represent tradition in our lives ... holiday memorabilia, Dad's fishing lures, the ribbon brother won running track. We need those items that gave us comfort close by o remind us that life will go on as we know and have always loved it.

We are choosing personal comfort.

It's always fun to see what the Professional Interior Designers predict even though we may never use them in our personal domains. But, maybe we will. This year, they may be more on point than in the past.



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