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Yearning For Fall

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

No one can ask for better weather than we have in Georgia. But there comes a time in every summer, usually after a succession of 95 degree plus days, that you just say, "enough."

We were up early one day last week when Jeff and I took our coffee to the front porch before he dressed to leave for work. My first breath outside felt like soup it was so humid, and this was at 6 am. The Crepe Myrtles were beautiful but when my eyes drifted up to the Black Walnut trees behind them, I realized we were sitting in a cloud.

Even though it was warm already that morning, it was beautiful. The birds were already up and singing happily. For a couple of weeks I had been watching a very large, bi-wing dragonfly hanging around the house. I welcomed another sighting of him this morning as he was drying his beautiful blue wings on a rock near the porch. I felt my entire body relax as I realized this was that time I cherish every year when I am ready to leave summer behind for a change. There is something so beautiful about Fall. This is when Mother Nature also says enough ... time to relax and enjoy ...

They say that we live through seasons on our journey in life, but I think the seasons we live through physically may not line up with the seasons of our Life's Journey.

Presuming that our early years are the Spring of our lives, when I was young, the season I loved was Summer. One of my fondest memories as a tyke is laying on my tummy on the cool, hardwood floor with my nose almost touching the front door screen, watching it rain. I loved seeing the "bull frogs" dance on the street. And when the storm had stopped, I would run bare-foot to splash in the puddles. I can still close my eyes and smell the fragrance of the fresh spring rain on the pavement.

As I got a little older, maybe in the Smmer of my years, my chosen season switched to Spring, and to this day, the rebirth of the earth in Spring takes my breath away. I love seeing the bare trees as they develop their buds, watching them open gently with the lightest shade of green, all the way to their mature dark, richer hue. Spring is the Earth's promise that life will continue ... so just relax.

Somewhere along the way, maybe in the Fall of my life, the stars seemed to aline and I gained a greater appreciation of Fall. It is a wonderful time to reflect on everything in life, I always feel like I have to get back to the Georgia mountains in the Fall where I can breathe deeply and just let everything go. Is there any place more beautiful than the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Sitting on the porch with Jeff that morning, I started thinking of all the things I love about Fall ... cuddling under a warm throw outside by a crackling fire, decorating the front porch with all the colors that the trees have bestowed upon us, chilly nights under a pile of quilts. I love fall festivals with their promise of fun and celebrations, especially Elijah and all those apples just waiting for all those apple pies!

Back on the porch, I asked Jeff what Fall means to him. There was an immediate glow on his face. "Comradery" was his reply. He grew up in Athens, home of UGA, so fall means football as it does for so many. "It's everybody getting out, searching for just the right thing to wear to the first game of the season. It's everybody coming together ... for football." There is no question football is high on his list. For the next few months, forget anything else on TV!

In the Winter of my life now, and I hope this season is the longest, I find that Fall is a wonderful time to appreciate all the wonderful gifts with which we have been blessed. How lucky we all are, starting with living long enough to reach the winter of our years! For me, after years of working my life away, I finally found the love of my life at 69. Jeff has taught me so about love, patience, relaxing, and how to be grateful for every tiny thing. I truly never knew life could be this wonderful. Everyday he tells me how much he loves me, how much we have to be thankful for and how blessed we are.

So here we are ... Yearning for Fall. And what comes right after ... the Holiday Season. I can't wait for everyone to be overcome with all that love that is building now through Fall and will burst out soon. We need a big helping of love and kindness for each other.




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