With Kisses From Cecile

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

On September 12, 2019, the culmination of two years work, a lovely book entitled "With Kisses From Cecile" will be released in paperback and on Kindle. In a first of its kind, the historically based romance novel by Anne Armistead & Jan Angelo will be accompanied by an exquisite collection of jewelry ... The Cecile Jewelry & Gift Collection. The original story is based on a relative of Jan Angello, who is well known for her beautiful necklaces featuring antique coin purses. She is joined in this endeavor by Anne Armistead, the renown author of Dangerous Conjurings. This is the first in a planned series of 5 novels and gift collections.

The Story ...

A STORY OF LOVE AND REDEMPTION, DRAWN FROM REAL-LIFE Visiting Paris to find out more about her great-grandmother’s World-War-I-era pen pal Cécile, a forlorn Maggie, reeling from discovering her husband’s infidelity, learns of devastating one-hundred-year-old secrets involving loss and forgiveness. Revelations about her family’s past challenge Maggie’s decision to face her future alone.Maggie Ruth Mitchell’s failed reconciliation with her unfaithful husband leaves her heartbroken—and pregnant. She accepts her family’s invitation to Paris to pay homage to Cécile, whose World War One era pen pal letters to Maggie’s great-grandmother Ruth are cherished family mementoes. Through reading Cécile’s letters and learning about Ruth’s tragic past, will Maggie find the strength to forgive and love again?In the year 1919 following World War One, Ruth and Cécile begin corresponding through an American-French pen pal program. Cécile is fighting against consumption, a life-threatening illness. Ruth is hiding the truth about a tragic death that has torn her family apart. She draws strength to face what fate brings from her pen pal’s inspiring letters, each signed With Kisses from Cécile.

The Authors ...

Jan Agnello (left) is a prominent antique dealer and jewelry designer. She is the owner of Storyology Design & Publication, a company offering historical fiction novels paired with jewelry collections designed to represent the novels’ historical era and themes. WITH KISSES FROM CÉCILE is her first historical fiction published by Storyology Design & Publication, paired with THE CÉCILE COLLECTION of jewelry and gifts.

Anne Armistead (right) pens love stories, past and present. As a young reader, she was captivated by the Gothic romances of Victoria Holt. As a literature major, she found beauty in the grotesqueness of Flannery O’Connor’s stories. WITH KISSES FROM CECILE is her second historical fiction, following DANGEROUS CONJURINGS, released April 2018 by Soul Mate Publishing.

The Cecile Jewelry & Gift Collection ...

What a wonderful gift to give yourself or a dear friend ... the book, coupled with a piece from this beautiful collection... See more at www.storyologydesign.com

To Pre Order With Kisses From Cecile, click on the Edition Cover Below.

1. Kindle Edition 2. Paperback Edition

3. You may also like to order Anne's book Dangerous Conjurings as well.

For More Information, Contact:

Jan Agnello at janagnello@gmail.com and Anne Armistead at anne@annearmisteadauthor.com.




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