When Fairies Come

Updated: May 3

Since the beginning of all recorded history, even back so far there were only drawings on cave walls, there have been stories of "little people" also known as Fairies. This was happening simultaneously in every country on the planet, and each one had their own particular variety of Fairy. Ireland has the Druids and the Leprecauns, England has the Miners, even Russia has their own. The term "Fairy" is all encompassing to include all of these various types of little people. So, if the stories have been here since the beginning of time as we know it, and the stories were everywhere on the planet, how can you not believe in Fairies?

In the beginning, Fairies were not particularly good natured. They were blamed for everything ... missing children, boots that went missing from the porch over night, just about anything that happened. But Fairies come to us when we need them and during one particular grave time in history, everyone desperately needed something to believe in, and that's when Fairies became the good little characters we know today. In America, we celebrate the Flower Fairies made famous by Cicely Mary Barker.

Somehow, and no one can explain how, Fairies are part of our being. They can remain dormant for years, but when we need them, they will come. The last emergence of Fairies came when we had our shop, Come Into My Garden, at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. Everyone wanted a fairy garden and we had everything you could think of to create these beautiful gardens. You may ask why did the Fairies come then? Let's go back a little...

Back during the depression, there were only two things that continued to sell straight through. One was jewelry, probably because it provided personal pleasure. The other was garden products and garden art. This one is quite evident ... They could go in their backyard and make the worries of the world go away.

We recently when through a horrible recession, and the 2016 election was a nightmare. This is when fairy gardens became so popular. You just couldn't look at your fairy garden and not smile. The fairies brought us peace and comfort and help us get through this trying time.

Because of my knowledge of fairy history, I knew what was going to happen, that it was not going to last, and I was right. As soon as Trump was elected, the market for everything fairy fell apart. Not totally because Trump was elected, but because their was hope, Hope that everything would finally get better.

Fairies come to us when we need them, but we don't have to wait for another trying time for the Fairies to come. I believe we all have our own personal fairy, and that when we are born, our fairy is born also. Its good for is to get to know our own fairy...


I wish you could close your eyes, but you can't do that and read at the same time. So here goes... relax... and just imagine your Fairy.

What does your Fairy look like? Does she have long, straight blond hair, or is it short and black in a pixie cut? Or maybe she has wild, curly flaming red hair that just goes everywhere! What color are her eyes? Are they bright green, or gold or maybe even turquoise! Most fairies are only 4-6" tall. Is she that size? How is she dressed? Is she all in leaves and flower petals, or is she a silk and satin kind of gal? Does she wear boots or little shoes? Are they make of leaves or flower petals. Does she wear a hat, or flowers in her hair? When she talks with you, is she serious or is she a little practical joker? Is her voice high pitched and squeaky, or soft and sweet. And does she give you advice, or just try to make you laugh?

Here's my Fairy ... She has the wild, curly red hair that goes everywhere, and she tries, mostly in vain, to contain it with garlands of tiny vines with the sweetest flowers. Her eyes are as green as emeralds and they sparkle like a star. Her skirt is made of pink rose petals and the bodice of her dress is made of white calla lily blooms, and little hydrangea blossoms form the puffs of her sleeves. She has a little sash of pale green satin ribbon tied around her waist that was a gift from a blue jay. She wears boots that are made of ivy leaves with tiny vines that hold them on her tiny feet. Around her neck is a necklace made from a vine with tiny shells and sweet little flowers. Her voice is just a little squeaky and when she speaks, I have to listen closely to hear, and I so want to hear what she has to say. She has helped me make many decisions.

A woman came in the shop one day and I asked her if she believed in fairies. She looked at me strangely and replied, 'I believe in God'. I thought about her answer a moment and told her that I believe God can talk to us in a multitude of ways. If He wants to talk to me through a little fairy, I'm all for it. This lovely woman left with one of the biggest collections for a fairy garden that we ever sold. I believe what I told her. I believe we have fairies and angels all around us. We just need to connect with them.


One thing is for sure ... If you want your Fairy to stay near, you need to make her a home. Like one of these:


One thing I like to do, and it's really fun with children or grandchildren, is to make a Fairy bed. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. You can just clear a space on the ground and maybe outline it with rocks and moss. Then take flower petals and lay them inside the rocks to make a quilt for her to sleep on. A piece of moss or even a daisy makes a soft pillow. The neat thing is that the petals won't last forever, so you get to do this over and over with different flowers every time.

One more way to make a bed is to use a store bought bird nest. Line it inside with your little mossy pillow and petal quilt and add ribbons so it will hang from a tree. Who wouldn't love to sleep in a bed hanging in a tree!

All you have to do is believe!



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