To or Not To ... Add eCommerce

Updated: Mar 27

It would be wonderful if you just create an eCommerce website where you can sell on line and your email started buzzing like a cat on a hot tin roof. But that is not going to happen with a website alone. The website establishes credibility for you and your company, but it won't attract buyers for your products and services alone.I'm not going to attack what it takes to sell your products today, but I do want to discuss whether you need an eCommerce website or just a website. If you have many items to sell eCommerce would probably work, but what if you are a writer and have 3 books you want to promote and sell? Let's also say you are a motivational speaker as well, and also conduct classes. First ... you always need a website to identify yourself and your talents, but your books will sell much quicker if sold on Amazon. It's that simple. You may be so much better to ask your potential customers to call you to order a book from you which gives you the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation. Sell them the book and your other services as well. But on your website, link your customers to Amazon to buy your book.The same goes for a budding artist. Website first ... sell on Etsy ... and sell your commission work on your site through a personal conversation which you will not get through an eCommerce site..I have so much more to say on this topic. Why not call me?


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