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Updated: Apr 9

One thing I know for sure from having a shop for years is that women constantly review their homes over the holidays, noting anything that is needed or would be improved if changed. I know this for two reasons. One, from my own personal experience .... I still remember the Thanksgiving that I realized I did not have a cranberry spoon! The second reason is that women came into the shop in January to buy what they realized they needed ... a larger dining table, a new lamp for the sofa table, or simply a new rug. They may even have decided that a fresh coat of paint would work wonders.

I wanted to give you some food for thought over the holidays. Why not try something totally new, shake up your home a bit, so they say.

2020 design forecast included more jewel tone colors for the home. This was unexpected. After a trend of basic white such as the current Farmhouse Style, color always comes back. This year in particularly, we are in need of more color ... more fun ... in our lives and homes. We simply need happier environments.

As much as I love these rooms, I am not sure I could handle an entire home in moody colors. I could find myself in love with one or more rooms in this palette such as a bedroom. I can't imagine wanting to wake up and get out of bed in a room this dreamy. If you like the concept but aren't there yet, try keeping your light and bright walls and add a moody focal point such as a large painting or rug.

So as you enjoy your families over the holidays, try looking at your home through moody glasses. Who knows what your heart may say.

Maybe just a splash at the end of the hall or a moody focal point or corner:

But if you really want to go for it...



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