Fall Decor Tips & Tricks!

Updated: Mar 13

Fall Decorating has always been driven by the incredible colors Mother Nature paints the leaves and bushes ... Striking reds, golden yellows, brilliant orange, with shades of green and the brown of dried leaves and grasses. For those of you who are traditionalist, you can never think of decorating your homes with any other colors. But in the world we live in today, even Mother Nature is seeking change and is now bringing us pumpkins in many colors in addition to orange ... even the most delicious shades of pale blue and green. And if they are not quite the right color for you, a little paint and a brush will create any look you desire. For those of you who lean toward the Farmhouse vibe there is always white entwined with shades of ivory and tan.

Actually, fall may be the easiest decorating of all. With just a few items, you can create any look you want. And what greater place to shop for Fall decor than the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. Everything you could ever want is there, all under one roof, including classic treasures and the best components for creating striking Halloween venues.

Start with the basics ...

Baskets of any kind, wooden crates or boxes, bread bowls in a mirage of sizes and shapes today, wooden slab trays and cutting boards, bottles both old and new and pots of any size, especially older ones displaying years of loving use in the garden. Fill them with leaves, cornhusks, beautiful plants and gobs of pumpkins and gourds and you can create a warm setting in your home.

Here's some ideas to get you creating beautiful themes for your home or thanksgiving table ...

But what about Halloween?

Most components that apply for your fall decorating carry into Halloween with a few additions ... lots of candlesticks, old clocks, old books, even more bottles for witch's brews, and all the traditional skulls and bones, and witches galore along with their spooky dressings. Antique mirrors are a great focal point especially when they have ghostly images paint the frame black to start with. Want the instructions to add your old photo or ghost to any mirror? Click here!

Our homes have become havens for all of us in the last two years. When you take the time to add a beautiful fall glow in the fall, you will feel even more warmth in your home. One trip to Lakewood 400 Antiques Market can make this an joyful excursion for everyone. Have fun my little pretties!

All photos are from Pinterest.

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