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Fall Color 2023

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Giving a light touch to fall decor.

Who isn't excited about the arrival of Fall this year? Football, fire pits, cuddly throws, roasting marshmallows, hot apple cider and cocoa ... not to mention cooler weather, and we are ready for it all. Especially the cooler weather! Finally, we feel like we can breathe after a long, hot summer.

I've been talking for a few years now about colors in our life pallet getting lighter. Cooler colors for fall have been creeping upon us, but this year we have taken a new look at this sweet time of the year and we realized that not everything has turned brown. We now have a need to mix a little greenery in with our fall decor. Fall colors for 2023 are overall lighter, and we have discovered that copper is the perfect mix with all things fall.

Train Your Eye to Look for Fall Colors 2023!

While scurring out to the fall markets, there are a few things that are always going to have fall written alll over them. That's the thing you need to grab and add to your bevy of on hand decorating finds. Here are a few things to never walk away from!

Among them ... Baskets. can anyone really ever have enough baskets? Not me. Galvanized buckets and trays. Old bottles, not just the amber and brown ones, try green or turquoise this year. Old books for creating lifts and levels. Pick books with neat covers. Old ice cream freezers ... you can never so wrong with one, Spring or Fall. Old crates, boxes and toolboxes ... sewing machine drawers are still great for storage and display. Look for a painting or great sign to replace the one above the sofa for Fall, Christmas or Spring. And this year, the hot item is copper. It's not new to me though. I have always treasured copper and not just in the kitchen ... copper trays, pitchers, even mugs for that apple cider! Don't be afraid to take some of you older pumpkins or containers and paint them copper!

Lighten Up!

Try lighter colors. Bring in a little green. Blue and green pumpkins are now mainstays so enjoy them. Fall takes less effort to make warm and cozy vignettes them than any other decor. If you just happen to have a Limelight hydraganza, you are halfway there. They are specticular just cut and left to dry. What ever you do, make it fun.

Slideshow .. Click on the first photo to enlarge so you can see the entire set.

Antiques and Market Finds to the Rescue!

One thing for sure is that it is hard to decorate for fall without antiques and collectibles. Check these out.

The most important thing is to have fun while you are searching the markets for bits to enhance your collection. Take a friend along. Make it an adventure. And when you get home, turn on some great old music you used to dance to as a teenager, light a little fire or candles, simmer cinnamon and nutmeg on the stove, sip a cup of tea and make your home all you want it to be!



You will find more ideas and photo credits for all the photos above on my Pinterest board:

Fall Colors 2023. Check it out!

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The Market is open the 3rd weekend every month and is a glorious treasure hunt sure to delight.

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