Delicious, Juicy Georgia Peaches

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Jeff came home with a bag of peaches over the weekend and has been drooling ever since!

One of the things I was always tasked to make as a teenager was the peach cobbler. I had that recipe down pat, all the way to the little sugar crystals on the top. It was yummy! Every summer was filled with "Let's Make Ice Cream" Sundays and Peach was always on the top on the lists. In the South, especially in Georgia ... The Peach State ... we grew up eating those delicious, juicy peaches prepared just about every way possible. OK ... now, I am drooling at the thought of those sweet Georgia peaches!

Georgia Peach Tips & Tricks

With the Farmer's Markets filled with freshly harvested peaches, here are a few tips that may come in handy...

How to choose the perfect peach ...

Don't squeeze the peaches! Squeezing damages them and results in bruising. Just sniff them. If they are ripe, they will smell ... like peaches. Don't be afraid of buying the hard-looking, unripe peaches. Be gentle and do not bang or dent them on the way home, then place the peaches in a brown paper bag. The peaches give off ethylene gas; when trapped, the gas helps the fruit ripen. A plastic bag will work, but because the plastic doesn't breathe, there is more danger of the peaches rotting. Check the peaches every day by opening the bag and sniffing. Sometimes they ripen within a day. Once ripe, peaches can be refrigerated if you cannot eat them fast enough.

How to easily remove the skin from a peach ...

Bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove. Drop in the peaches for 45-60 seconds and then remove to an ice water bath. Let them cool and then slice the skin with a sharp knife. Use your thumbs and the skin will almost fall off.

How to freeze peaches ...

Use the nifty peeling trick to peel the peaches, the slice them or cut into cubes as desired, and put in a bowl. For ten cups of peaches, add the juice of one lemon to prevent browning. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper, place out the peaches, and put into the freezer so the peaches will be frozen individually. 6-8 hours later or over night, place them into zip lock freezer bags, being sure to label and date them on the outside. Here's another little tip. If you plan to make a pie, use a pie pan from a ready page crust, line it with wax paper, and fill it with your peaches, put into a freezer bag and freeze. You'll then have exactly the amount of peaches you need for that pie!

Delicious recipes you might like to try ... Click on any photo for the recipe!

Remember all the recipes from the Summer Salsa Article? Peach Salsa is great on entrees!



Picks for Fall Entertaining! Click on any photo for details and to buy!

1. Wouldn't peaches look great in this beautiful wooden bowl? 2. Two-tiered display for kitchen, bath, anywhere! 3. Torani Peach Syrup for peach tea, etc., without having to make it from scratch. 4. This is heat resistant table runner! Can handle up to 350 degrees. We really need this. Comes in many different colors and designs.

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