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Christmas Au Naturel

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Life expectancy in America is 78.4 years. If you are fortunate enough to live 78 years, that means you only experience the incredible joy of Christmas 78 times ... a time when love overpowers our hearts and paves way for miracles to abound. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that Christmas joy could be flowing across the world all the time? It can. It starts in your heart.

jan jones

When the world began celebrating Christmas, the love and joy was there in everyone's hearts. To decorate, they used what they had. They brought an evergreen tree and greenery in from outside. They lovingly made ornaments to hang on the trees that represented something special to each and every one in the home. They used chairs, buckets, sleds ... whatever to create warm vignettes to welcome guests and crates or wooden bowls to center on their dinner tables. Packages were wrapped with old cloth, old paper and tied with string or ribbons made from old cloth or lace that had been saved throughout the year for this precious occasion.

Today, we see a revival in decorating back to the basics. The old chairs, sleds and ladders we adore are the antiques formerly used in many Christmas celebrations long ago. When you touch them, you feel the love known before.

Decorating for Christmas 2021 may be more important this year. We all need to gather all the warm feelings we can for our loved ones and especially to bring tradition back into the picture. There are those who will liven up the holidays with the familiar and cherished pieces created after World War II that displayed beautiful color and fun designs. They will always be part of our lives and are wonderful accents in an Au Naturel design. It doesn't matter how you flavor you holidays, just that you do it with love.

Celebrating Christmas Au Naturel

Click on the first image to enlarge to see the entire photo.

Whatever you need to create any one of the vignettes can be found at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market's Annual Antiques and Gift Show on December 3-4-5, along with a treasure trove of gifts for everyone on your list. And just in case you may be into crafting your Christmas tree this year, we offer this idea:

This began life as an old floor lamp and grew from there. How fun is this tree?

Crafted by Lisa Loria at

Now where can you take this idea? What will you create? Send us photos of your creations!

For more information on Lakewood 400 Antiques Market:

Jan Jones is a writer with a love of Interior Design.


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