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Marketing Services

As a Certified Exposition Manager, I taught a workshop called "Identity, Continuity, Pizazz".

A simple explanation of this title is this ... Many advertising studies have concluded that we need to see something seven times... an ad, logo, etc., before we actually recognize it in our brains. That's Identity. Your logo and website are your identity. Continuity comes into play because we need potential buyers to see your brand over and over again ... so it will register with them. The Pizazz, well that's what makes you stand out in the crowd! And we are particularly good at that!

That's our philosophy.

We help you brand your product and services We handle everything for you from creating your logo to helming you write that book you always wanted to write.

And it will all connect with Identity, Continuity and Pizazz!

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Tomahawk Woodworx
Tomahawk Woodworx

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Lakewood 400 Antiques Market
Lakewood 400 Antiques Market

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TLC Contracting
TLC Contracting

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Tomahawk Woodworx
Tomahawk Woodworx

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What Our Clients Say ...

Jan Jones has renovated my former website into one that engages my clients. With her eye for design and a gift for writing she brings innovation to the site adding more information yet making it easier to navigate. I now have a workable calendar, an active blog and the newsletters we are sending out have increased my visibility and comments about my colorful and interesting site and postings.

   Jan is a problem solver. Her background in marketing and business contributes greatly. She is a self started, highly motivated and focused. If she dosn't know how to do something, she will research it until she finds the answer. I have always felt that she wants me to succeed and do well and I trust that she will do as she says. Jan keeps me on target.

Joy Goodman

Courageous Living With Joy



Working with Jan has been an absolute pleasure. I was hesitant at first, though I knew we needed some type of help and new eyes on our business. I figured we could manage. We were working on a shoestring budget and wasn't sure we could spare the cost, but in the end it was the best investment we've made in our little business so far!

Jan has taken One Sun Knife Designs to a whole new level of professionalism. We can't thank her enough for all her time and effort on our behalf.

   She has been nothing bur supportive and has made some great suggestions. Our greatest success to date was shared with this lovely woman who has become like family!

Lorenzo & Sam Lollis

One Sun Knife Designs

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